Tight Rider


Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the back of Kit, well in this fun packed porn film you will really find out . From back seat shagging to having the car telling you to fuck me harder this is one DVD that shouldn’t be missed out on. Don’t think that you won’t get what you want either this is full of some real deep throat sucking and some fanny stretching fucking. Tight Rider is an hilarious hardcore spoof of the old David Hasslehoff Knight Rider series and is an example of British porn at its very best, combining genuine laugh-out-loud moments with really hot sex. There are some pretty amazing effects that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood production too. British producers don’t have the money that the Americans do to make credible parodies of mainstream productions, bit Tight Rider proves that with the right cast and a talented director, you can do wonders. Easily one of the hottest and entertaining porn flick’s of the year with over two hours of action!

This is a preowned HD DVD and is supplied in a paper dvd sleeve.

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Tight Rider


Carla Cox
Cathy Heaven
Lou Charmelle


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