The Violation of Elvira


Danish petit princess Elvira Friis has no choice but to give in to Madame Adore and Bizarre Violets’ brutal treatment of dominance and perversion in The Violation Of Elvira. Pushing her to the edge of submission and lovingly violating her beautiful, fragile body to the point of desperation, they give Elvira an experience she will never want to forget. The very beautiful Veronica Toft is gracefully used by rubber-dom Sebastian Solo. Balancing on a thin precise edge and playing with her limits of perversity, she is his cunt slut whore. Swedish super-slut Sanna Rough meets her match in Scarlett Jinx and NastyFucker. Sanna is sinfully and brutally used in all of her willing holes and made to gag on a hard pissing cock that rams down her open deep throat while Scarlett Jinx pounds her well trained asshole with an over-sized strap-on that would put most men’s cocks to shame. Hard meets harder in The Violation of Elvira!

This is a brand new HD DVD and is supplied in its original packaging.

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The Violation of Elvira


Madame Adore
Bizarre Violet
Sanna Rough
Scarlett Jinx
Elvira Friis
Veronica Toft


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