Phwoar No. 2


Sometimes you see a lovely lady in the street whose face, figure and outfit cannot be summed up in normal words – and whose sheer, overwhelming sexiness is too far off the scale even to be expressed in a Shakespearean style sonnet or a sweet melodic rhapsody! Her hair will be fresh from the beauty salon, her nails and lips painted scarlet and her figure clad in a clingy top, a mini skirt, stockings and stiletto heels. And you’ll long to find the right words to say to her – some snappy and evocative phrase that will capture just how stunningly gorgeous she looks that day! But the only thing that will come out of your gob is dirty, little sound that appears out of nowhere. No, not out of nowhere – from the depths of your groin – a desperate cry of “PHWOOOOOAAARRR!!!”

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Phwoar No. 2

Inside This Issue

Greedy Girls
Female Flashers
Lust Letters
Kinky Corner
Nakes Wives


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