Daves Damp Tramps

Daves Damp Tramps


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After a reunion shagette with boss Dave on his desk, Shay interviews chunky Kay for the position of vibrator saleswoman. Of course she must display the ability to demonstrate the wares, so Shay gives her a master-class in pussy skills. Then, and only then, is she ready to ride the boss!

Tattooed tease Talulah needs some spice in her sex life and heads straight for Dave’s sofa for some mature advice. The sex-crazed slut is a supple as a sapling and bends over backwards to give Dave the full benefit of her talents. She really gives him her complete attention and in return she wants to have her rectum ransacked. Talulah is truly grateful for the lashings of sperm he generously spurts in her mouth.

Dave’s dick is legendary and word has spread. Shay brings leggy blonde bimbette, Alysha, for a surprise visit. Dave protests as he has made other plans, but he lets them talk him into a bubbling threesome from which they all emerge glowing.

Worldly wise (and well-hung), girls flock to Dave for help with their sex lives. Scarlett settles shyly on Dave’s sofa and presents him with her big white tits and rubbery stiff red nipples. She claims that she is good at all forms of sex and Dave duly gives her marks out of 10. Only when he has her down on the carpet does he realise that she has a really beautiful, tiny, wet bald slit.

A touch of groin-strain sees our stud clutching his nuts and visiting lovely Loz the masseuse. Her healing hands work magic on his wounded wang which springs back to throbbing life immediately. She straddles him and fucks him with her arse! What a thorough masseuse she is! Loz is an absolute anal animal! She is also mistress of mucky talk.

Sunny Masie trudges through the snow in her long fur coat under which the minx wears nothing but her wellies. Dave surpises her with a snowball and is shocked to discover that she is naked. Quick as a flash he realises what this girl needs is immediate friction, and plenty of it, to save her pussy from a freezing fate.

Dave is a hero. If he knows there is a pussy in need – he immediately insists on rubbing it better. This well seasoned stud-muffin never gets stale and is always well risen. He gives these young girlies the benefit of his apparently permanently hard cock with wit, charm and the rutting instincts of a ram. No wonder girls so often prefer a mature man.

This is a preowned DVD and is supplied in a paper DVD sleeve.

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Daves Damp Tramps


Alysha Leigh
D.J. Cone
Kaicee Marie
Loz Lorrimar
Masie Dee
Shay Hendrix
Tallulah Tease


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